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1 result Results BT No. 80 – Slate In BT Publishing Printing at the School For students book, brochure August 1949 Authors: E. Mevel and R. Le Fur More
1 result Results The BT2 In: The Breach CEL For teachers teaching techniques magazine> literature January 1976 THE B.T.2 Author: Claude Lapp More
By Prenovel School – cycle 2 on 06/10/11 – 24:01 In: Dating, exchanges Philosophy In the classroom, on Friday, we made a philosophy debate. Here is what we found together to our first. We play with our friends. We can invite them. We are having fun. One can make a club together. A friend is someone special for us. We get along well. We do not dispute. You want to be nice to them. There are people who are not our friends, but not enemies either. They are just normal people for us. Friends we do not many. It may just be buddy or friend. A friend is there to defend us if we have a problem and we like it. The boys, sometimes we do not defend them. A friend, there was never fight. While sometimes we will fight with friends. If one has no friends, we get bored. It’s sad. You feel better with lots of friends and lots of friends. Sometimes, even when we get angry with friends. We are jealous when they play with others. Sometimes we just want them to us. Collective 2011-2012 True For Visitor, 24/01/12 – 9:09 p.m.. True Line With LINE sometimes By Visitor, 04/10/12 – 6:58 p.m.. With Line of times we fight !!! Line huh? Solenn his girlfriend and her friend !!!
1 result Results Exposure of Pedagogical Invariants In: reference text The Congress Educator CEL For teachers review in June 1968 Author: P. Octobon More
2 Results Parents and Us In: The parents Educator CEL For teachers reviewed February 1967 Author: Joan Lawrence Read more How I started? In: The Educator CEL For teachers journal Training and research> Training> starting November 1966 Author: Jeanne Laurent More
5 Results About “SWINGER” Polaroid In: The Educator CEL For teachers review Arts teaching techniques> audiovisual techniques> photograph December 1966 Author: Roger Levy More About “SWINGER” Polaroid In: The Educator CEL for teachers review teaching techniques> audiovisual techniques> photograph December 1966 Author: Roger Levy more teachers bands facilitate the caregiver attitude of the master In: the Educator CEL magazine for teachers teaching techniques> band teacher in December 1966 Author: Roger Levy Read more How I organize my class work with teachers in bands: the Educator CEL for teachers review teaching techniques> band teacher teaching techniques> individualized work in October 1966 Author: Roger Levy Read more How I organize work in my classroom with teachers strips In: The Educator CEL For teachers review teaching techniques> band teacher November 1966 Author: Roger Levy Read more
3 Results COOPERATIVE SCHOOL HERE ARE THE FACTS In: The Educator CEL For teachers review educational principles> cooperation November 1950 Author: George William Read more Teacher training for young people in: The Educator CEL For teachers journal Education and Research > training December 1961 Author: George William Read more life and https://homeworkmarket.me/
work of Freinet in: tribute to teachers review Movements> Freinet movement> Freinet October 1966 A reminder of the life and work of Freinet in ‘Liberating School, organ of the National Union of Teachers, on the occasion of his death. Author: George William Read more
1 to 10 from 14 Results Natural Method in the second degree: experiments of KEY By Michele Comte 28/08/11 – 3:39 p.m. In: Region PACA> GD 13 – Bouches-du-Rhone Region Nord Pas de Calais Gr. second degree realized Congress> workshop school level> second degree school organization> educational team Wednesday workshop 24.08.2011 High school Teaching Freinet La Ciotat Marion Agostini (French teacher) Cathy Rigal: Librarian (science information) Herve Nunez (Plastic Arts) Adrien Sweet (English) Lucette Agostini (GD13) Stephane Seguin (math) KEY: currently one class per grade from 6th to Terminale at Jean Jaures High school College and the Light Ciotat 17 teachers – Service time 21 hours / week Approximately 28 pupils / class in college and 35 high school College Jean Jaures 500 students, sociological level IV (slightly favored city centers) Historically land fa vourable: A historically active area, major GD, many activists, a rector driven by innovation (JP. of Gaudemar) 1st year: 6e-fifth to second, then Class 1 more each year Circumstances: presidential elections Initially the project is carried by two people, who built the project, went to see the deputy, who spoke the rector and presented in National Assembly, which met with major colleges, got support: a Jacquart, Mr. Onfray, P. Meirieux, met all unions together parents, Creating a parents association. Use the time students: Disciplinary = morning, afternoon = IT, workshops, consulting, assessment, presentations. Followed by a steering group of the rector 2010 visit by the General Inspectorate (with meeting only children, parents) institution Expectations: Successful as well as other similar panels exam (tray, patent) The team claimed the much higher benefits in human terms. Early heavy classes, not heterogeneous public, for the team exceeded expectations. IT: autonomy class contract as a fortnight worktop. Results at the end of the fifteen Map deTravail: DISCIPLINE / WORKS / DAY (+ divisible hours) DISCIPLINE Monday Tuesday WORK 2H 1H 1H Thursday OPINION SES 1: 2: 3: FRENCH … ………. List …….. work: writing text, research, report, conference, store, correspondence, help, record recruitment in college (so = area downtown La Ciotat) 5 places reserved for children Ceyreste ( 1 primary class Freinet) Info in primary schools / children interested make a day of training in 6th, in February, after which they will make a report with advice and motivation. File review, prioritize the most motivated children and heterogeneity. High School: no school board, open to nationals of the academy. Currently arrival of former college students. Siblings are preferred. More and more applications, 28 seats at the entrance, insufficient teams. Workshops: 5-6 regular (literature, pla, computer arts, math, geo-hist, philosophy, acc) + variables workshops (picture ..) Registration is the week before the board. Possibility to re-register the following week, if want or need to finish. The workshop is multi-level. A project started in a workshop can also be continued in another. No principle priori choice for workshops. let them Accepting time. The important thing is the success of a project for the object and for the person. Enabling students to offer a unique workshop. Presentations successes at particular times, either internally or opened outside (parents, visitors). Must guard presenting an interest for the student. Is made on class time. French – see morning workshop (natural method of writing and literature -pratiques 2nd degree) How to want to read? Prescription readings depending on what the teacher feels is needed in the young. Then: sharing times. Participation prizes (Goncourt, PACA …), meetings with authors … Common culture especially poetry, harder implement long. Parents: Meeting with parents the first day of school after 1 month: presentation of a success among children, parents can come. RV individual case by case, with several professors Deepen again: transdisciplinarity, natural method, go to perpetual workshops, able to have a clean establishment. Contact: useo.claudineneuf.fr (useo.claudineneuf.fr) (ASCCLEF) Of all public movies are visible: http://www.actulaciotat-toutvisuel.fr/ Add Comment Read more maternal Site No. 47 In: Congress Kindergarten Site Publishing ICEM for teachers review French> reading-writing> writing graphics-Math school organization> teaching team teaching techniques> what’s new? teaching techniques> individualized work in June 2010 More Site Kindergarten No. 16 In: Congress bibliography school level> Kindergarten Kindergarten Site For Teachers Review Languages> Modern Languages ??Maths School organization> teaching team teaching techniques> evaluating teaching techniques > barter stuff September 2002 Read more Site kindergarten No. 15 in: Congress a grade> kindergarten kindergarten Site for teachers review school organization> teaching team teaching principles> co> consulting teaching techniques> educational assessment techniques> classroom organization> back pedagogical Principles> communication> school newspaper in July 2002 Read more Site Kindergarten No. 14 in: International Congress bibliography Site for Kindergarten teachers review Arts> Music and Form ation and research> Knowledge of children> aggression, conflict pedagogical techniques> Classroom Organization> School organization multi-age class> teaching team teaching techniques> game (s) teaching principles> co> jobs, responsibilities June 2002 Read more Congress Strasbourg – Workshop “creation of multi-age class” by Muriel Quoniam the 26/08/09 – 10:51 in: Congress report pedagogical techniques> class organization> multi-age classroom school organization in Belgium .. . …

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