Successful Breakfast Event

Originally Published March 6, 2011
This week, Waffy's has been selling waffles for breakfast to students at the Olympic Height High School. This event has proved to be really successful with Waffy's selling over 100 waffles in just 30 minutes... It's so much fun to see people's reaction when they try our Liege Waffle...the satisfied look on

Happy New Year

2012 was an incredible year for Waffy's and we are so glad that, thanks to this blog, we will get to share 2013 with you. For now, we wish you an outrageous scrumptious healthy and Happy New Year!

Waffy’s Blog

Waffy's blog is now officially online. For those of you that don't know us, we are a belgian waffle based restaurant in Boca Raton. As opposed to the doughy, heavy and syrupy waffles that America has come to know, we serve healthy, crispy and light sweet and non-sweet belgian waffles that are topped with salads,