” Waffy’s is committed to providing the finest quality experience to our Customers and the higelest level of support to our Franchise Partners”

3 key Components to our brand


Waffy’s is a unique fast casual food concept that focuses on the world of Belgian waffle with a new twist to it. Our menu offers an array of Belgian waffles that can be enjoyed at any time of the day with both sweet and savory options.

As of today, Waffy’s is the only franchise concept available in the market to
offer products such as the Liege waffle (the true Belgian waffle) along with our
proprietary Panini waffle recipe.

Everything about our concept is fresh, new and exciting, from the design of our
kiosk and/or space build-out, to our equipment and our product line.


From the beginning, Waffy’s has put all of its energy to create a franchise model that
would be straightforward to operate and manage. We do believe in hard work, but
most importantly in working efficiently. Everything about Waffy’s has always been
about keeping it simple, from our limited inventory to our simple to follow franchise
management procedures.

Bottom line, we want our franchisees to focus on making fresh artisanal Belgian
waffles, have fun doing it and worry about nothing else!


Waffy’s truly believes that our success lies in the satisfaction of our customers and
in the success of our franchise partners. Our company is committed to providing the
finest quality experience to Our Customers and the highest level of support to Our
Franchise partners.

Waffy’s believes in helping its community as well and source its fresh produce
through local manufacturers when available. Our company believes in maintaining
artisanal products only made with wholesome ingredients.