Having lived in the United States for a number of years, Steve Daumerie has often traveled back and forth to Belgium (his native country) to visit family.  On these trips home, Steve’s first destination from the airport would always be the waffle kiosks near his home.  Eating Belgian Waffles was part of Steve’s joyful routine as a child and he could never resist taking a bite into them.

In the thirteen years Steve lived in the United States, he had yet to find a place where he could eat a truly authentic Belgian Waffle (called “lieges” Waffle, a waffle prepared with a special sugar—only made and found in Belgium). Steve realized how unfortunate it was for the American population to miss out on such an amazing treat. This genuine insight gave him the idea of introducing the authentic Belgian Waffles to the US market as well as an array of other Belgian treats.

Steve took the decision to resign from his consulting job that he had worked at for over 5 years and purchased a one-way ticket to Belgium, determined to learn all aspects of his favorite snack.  This trip lasted a few months and allowed him to learn enough about the product to feel ready to come back to the US to convert his vision into reality, by creating Waffy’s.

Since its beginnings, Waffy’s menu has widely expanded to offer a variety of Waffles (both sweet and savory) that can be enjoyed for breakfast, Lunch, Dinner or anytime in between!

Steve’s passion for creating unique and exciting waffles has made Waffy’s a  delicious and fun culinary destination for all food lovers!

Thanks to its popularity, Waffy’s has become a fully developed franchise concept since 2012, giving business opportunities to many aspiring entrepreneurs.